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Club Coordinator: Ms. K. Cotterell - cotterell.khristen@FRANKLIN-ACADEMY.ORG

2019-2020 - Cooper City (K-8) Campus – enrichment & clubs

Enrichment Activities

Franklin Academy provides an exciting after school club program which is available to all eligible students in grades K-8 on a quarterly basis. Please note the following guidelines apply regarding club registration:

  • REGISTRATION: Club registration takes place online for all students in grades K-8. Two different registration links will be provided for students based on their grade level (K-5 and 6-8). Parents/guardians simply click on the hyperlinks provided to register their child for the club(s) of their choice. Participants will receive a confirmation email once the child has been registered successfully. This confirmation must be kept for the purpose of reference and the homeroom teacher will be notified.

PAYMENT: Payment will be made during registration using the link below, which will be opened and closed during the sign up period ONLY. Any other payment arrangements will need to be pre-approved by Ms. Cotterell and only if there’s a problem with the link or payment is not processed successfully.

Elementary Link

Middle School Link

  • After the stated deadline, funds are not transferrable from one club to another, or to a sibling. Club changes are also not permitted after the deadline.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Participation in after school clubs is a privilege. Behavior expectations of students participating in an after school club remain the same as during the regular school day. Students who do not adhere to behavioral expectations will be dismissed from the club and club fees will not be refunded.
  • Students with outstanding fee balances and students whose family did not meet the parent service hour requirement for the previous school year are not eligible to enroll in after school clubs until obligations have been fulfilled.

CLUB DISMISSAL: Parents and guardians are responsible for picking up their child on the days their club meets. Elementary school parents must pick-up their child by 4:00 PM and middle school parents must pick-up their child by 5:00 PM. There will be a $1.00 per minute, per child, charge for late pick-up. Students picked up late two (2) times from club will be removed from the club and no refund will be provided. Siblings not enrolled in a club may not wait at school for the club to end. They must be picked up at their regular dismissal time or late pick-up fees will be assessed.

We look forward to providing your child with a unique opportunity for enrichment at our campus!


Quarter 3 Club Registration Information

Registration for Quarter 3 Clubs will be open until Wednesday, January 8, 2020. ALL registration/payments are due at close of registration. Once the registration window has closed, the system WILL NOT permit additional enrollment/payments. The date range for Quarter 3 Clubs registration is Monday, December 16, through Wednesday, January 8, 2020. After January 20, there are NO REFUNDS. Please view this form in its entirety before you click on a club. Below you will find the links to Quarter 3 club registration.

Elementary School Club Descriptions

MYP Club Descriptions